Family...all because two people fell in love

family...all because two people fell in love

Thursday, October 21, 2010

my lil something

I was thinking about this blog.  Maybe I should have called it my lil something.  My lil something is the name of my baby/toddler products.  But HAZFAM is my lil something too...well, along with the help from the plumber.  HAZFAM consists of the Plumber, myself, and 2 future adults Bub and Sis.  Oh and Jackson and Molly, the dogs at the pool.  They're labs of course.

So I'm blogging now and feeling like I should tell my story like someone I don't know is going to read this.  Does that happen?  Do people read blogs that don't belong to their friend or relative?  It happens right?  All I can think of is that Julie Julia movie where she blogs and has random followers and it becomes a movie.  Well all I can say is if this is a movie you must know how it all started.  Oh and you better friend me now because if you wait til this hits the big screen I might think something is up.

One of the title lines on this blog says:  family...all because two people fell in love.  And so it is.  The plumber and I have been friends since we were 14.  We hung out a lot, we went to dances together and out on dates but mostly were just friends until one day it all changed.  Isn't that something, it just all changed from a friendship to love.  Our friend planned a couples ski trip and I wanted to go but without my couple.  The plumber wanted to go and didn't have a couple at the time.  No big deal, we are friends, we were the couple for the ski trip.  We had a great time on the trip.  Then just randomly things changed for us.  I was in a crappy relationship, unsuccessfully trying to get out and then boom, God gave me the plumber. We were friends for 10 years and then in one day we fell in love.  God did this for us.

Because two people fell in love we became a family of two, then three, and then four.  It's awesome!  Our kids are great.  They are funny, smart, beautiful, and so loving!  I am so greatful that I get to stay at home with them.  Bub is in kindergarten this year and is doing awesome.  It is just amazing how fast kids pick up on things!  He says he's going to be a baseball player when he grows up but there is talk about a dentist and, of course, a plumber. Sis hangs with me and loves to be my big helper.  She is a good helper and if you ever need someone to keep you company, she is great for the job.  She talks A LOT!  She just has so much to say and with Bub out of the house, she doesn't have anyone interupting her.

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